Hello there! My name is Rami and I'm a Rotman Commerce Graduate with a strong passion for film, writing, and business. I’m a dreamer who's all about embracing my creativity, pushing my boundaries, and seizing new opportunities.When I'm not busy chasing my dreams, you can find me sparring in the boxing ring, diving into captivating books, or catching the latest flick at the movies.


INSTAPRINT | Business Plan, 2022

During an entrepreneurial course, I pitched a business concept centred around making Polaroids more convenient and accessible. In order to complete a comprehensive business plan for the venture, I enlisted a team of fellow students to make my idea come to life. We conducted market research, created financial forecasts based on real costs and expenses, and developed a three-year plan to take the product to market.

Is Your Feed A Cult Pipeline? | Podcast, 2022

As part of a student team, I actively contributed to the development of a captivating podcast and an accompanying webpage for a course centred around conspiracies, cults, and new religious movements. Our thought-provoking podcast delved into the intriguing question of whether social media feeds could serve as tools for indoctrination by cults. I played a key role in crafting and designing the webpage, ensuring its content effectively showcased our podcast's unique perspective.

How Israel hinders Palestine's renewable energy developments | Research Paper, 2022

For an economics course, I was assigned the responsibility of composing a research report that explores the intricate connections between energy, the environment, and geopolitics. As a Palestinian immigrant, I found interest in exploring Palestine's renewable energy sector. I found that Palestine prioritizes the development of renewable energy projects but faces challenges due to the control of its infrastructure by Israel, which creates obstacles to progress.


Fixing Crimes in Spider-Man 2 | Video Essay, 2024

After playing a long-awaited videogame, I was left feeling unsatisfied with some of the game's mechanics and decided to create a video to show what the developers should include in the next game of their franchise. A successful combination of self-taught editing skills, professional writing and speaking ability, and a strong understanding of YouTube's algorithms resulted in the video reaching over 100,000 views within just a week.

Why The Last of Us Part II Can't Be Adapted | Video Essay, 2024

When a second season was announced for a television adaptation of one of my favourite games of all time, I felt an urge to voice my concerns on how the translation of themes from game to television will be extremely difficult for the showrunners. This video had great outreach amassing over 80,000 views and 2,000 likes.

20 TIFF Movies in Under 20 Minutes | Video Essay, 2023

After attending the 48th Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), I was inspired to create a video recapping the films I saw during the festival and my personal analysis of them. This project was of a greater scale than I'm used to but it helped deepen my video editing proficiency and test my patience and writing ability.

A Perfect Guardians Movie | Video Essay, 2023

Once I had a solid grasp of YouTube's platform, I aspired to create a video discussing a movie that had a profound impact on me this year. I began by writing an essay and then translated it into a compelling video essay using Adobe Premiere, leveraging its editing capabilities to present my ideas in a visual and engaging manner.

The Consequences of Challenging Fate | Video Essay, 2023

Fueled by my passion for movies and compelling themes, I created a captivating video essay on YouTube, delving into a comparative analysis of a theme in two films. I wrote and edited this video with Final Cut Pro.

How Should For-Profit Companies Effectively Partner with Social Actors? | Video Skit, 2023

A course assignment for a social entrepreneurship class demanded a video presenting a case analysis illustrating how corporations can successfully partner with social actors. With a skit in mind, I wrote, directed, and edited this video.

Toteworthy Commercial | Commercial, 2018

During my involvement in a student-run consumer goods business, I was responsible for crafting a commercial to promote our product. I wrote and directed this video on my iPhone in 2018.

LEGO Film | Stop-Motion Film, 2015

Back in 2015, at the age of 14, I found my passion for LEGO and superheroes, which served as my inspiration to create a captivating stop-motion film using LEGO bricks and clay. I directed and animated this film with just my iPhone.

Instagram Food Account

Driven by my love for both food and photography, I decided to channel my passion into creating an Instagram food account, where I could hone my photography skills while indulging in culinary experiences.


2023 | Junior Business Analyst
Neurofit VR

  • Implemented effective communication strategies, conducting personalized email campaigns to nurture leads

  • Contributed to the development of the company website, improving the user experience and content

  • Adapted swiftly to evolving market conditions, demonstrating flexibility in adjusting strategies to consumer needs

2020-2023 | Operations Associate

  • Proficiently handled a wide range of office administrative tasks, including data entry, filing, and maintaining records

  • Assisted in managing financial records and preparing financial reports

  • Effectively communicated with internal teams, external partners, and customers to ensure smooth operations

2021 | Communications Ambassador
Harbourfront Centre

  • Controlled external communications by collecting information from local vendors

  • Collaborated with a small team to execute 5-10 events per week

  • Acted as a point-of-contact to deliver information to members of the local community

2020 | Customer Experience Representative

  • Fostered strong relationships with customers through storytelling and offering personal recommendations

  • Assisted customers with their inquiries and complaints resulting in positive experiences

  • Collaborated with staff to optimize the customer experience from the sales floor to the cash counters

2019-2020 | Student Mentor
Peace by Peace

  • Identified and developed anti-bullying lessons and conflict resolution skills with a team of students

  • Facilitated fun and interactive activities to mentor and educate a class of 30 children

  • Visited schools weekly to reinforce lessons and positive behaviour to children through fun learning exercises

2017-2019 | Marketing Officer
Junior Achievement Company Program

  • With TD and Scotiabank mentors, supervised fellow students in launching a consumer goods business

  • Managed recurring social media content across various platforms (Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.)

  • Produced creative promotional video content for company's social media

2017-2019 | Summer Camp Counsellor
Harbourfront Centre

  • Proactively assisted camp directors, educators, and specialists in camp programming

  • Cooperated with other counsellors to implement a safe and fun experience for over 60 campers

  • Created and communicated programming for children of various ages


Hello, hi, howdy! My name is Rami and ever since I was little I was obsessed with stories. From telling stories during recess when I was younger to consuming stories through my passion for film, I obsess over learning new themes and messages and reincorporating them into my life.After discovering my aptitude for business, I enrolled in the Rotman Commerce Program at the University of Toronto. During my time there, I honed valuable skills and expanded my professional network. However, my passion for storytelling remained an integral part of my life. Given any creative opportunity, I seized it, crafting videos, scripting narratives, and immersing myself in the world of movies.Now, as I leverage my proficiency in writing and my foundation in business knowledge to contribute to business development, my aspirations lie in the film industry. My goal is to blend my diverse skillset with the enthusiasm I hold for storytelling. In this pursuit, I aim to bridge the realms of business and media to find self-fulfillment.

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